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Blowin’ Wind with Rob Hammersmith

Skid Row is working on a new album and this is the first one that will feature you on drums. How did the creative process work for this one?
In this band, as I said earlier, you have some of the best songwriters of their genre and nobody can take that away from them. The talent there is just fantastic. It’s just been fun to watch and observe how these guys work. I’ve learned a lot from that and it’s been a lot of fun. We’re having a lot of fun working on this album.

Legendary Rock Interview with Dave “The Snake” Sabo

LRI:How close are you to recording and releasing it?  

DSS:You know what John, I don’t know.  We’ve written and completed a bunch of songs, we have like twelve songs but the thing is, they’re not all great.  So, we’re weeding them out and wading through it because it’s really important that we make a GREAT album.  We don’t wanna just put something out because it’s been a while, we’re going to keep working and I really don’t have a concrete answer as far as how much longer we’re going to take.  


Go Fast


For an organization already well-known for providing sensory overload, NHRA continues to stimulate the senses in announcing today the forthcoming release of its debut music compilation.Go Fast: The Official Music of the NHRA, is a 10-song compilation highlighting the sights and sounds that drag racing fans have long associated with the sport.
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