Johnny Solinger

“What shaped me as an artist began from where I was raised. Texas loves its music: whether it´s country, southern rock or hard core, I embraced them all equally”. And nothing has changed.

Johnny formed his first band, “The Spikes”, in Junior High School, with a Set list which included everything from Bowie to Van Halen, 38 Special to Queen, and even Willie Nelson. In college, at the University of North Texas, he joined “The Party Dolls”, a punk band that catered to Fraternities, Sororities and local clubs. But it was Solinger, his Dallas-based band, which provided him with valuable live and recording experience.

The year 2000 changed the course of Johnny´s life with the joining of Skid Row: “Music is my passion, and I feel blessed to be part of such a creative environment and have such a bond with this group of guys”.
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♫ Tomorrow: Villeurbanne, France - Nov 25 at Transbordeur http://t.co/B5VI2Nllwd
Rachel in the Green Room pre show - Une Dose De Metal on Enorme TV http://t.co/mEV63WgBA5
Camera blocking and soundcheck for Une Dose De Metal on Enorme TV http://t.co/A5O9PcSCqi
Setting up for filming Une Dose De Metal on Enorme TV http://t.co/meEkpxD1aX
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