Rob Hammersmith

Rob's musical journey began at an early age in a small town outside of Buffalo, NY. After a family trip to see his first concert featuring Roy Orbison, Rob was hooked. “Shortly after that trip, my parents agreed to kiss any peace and quiet in the house goodbye and get me a set of drums. I'm sure they thought I'd lose interest after a few weeks and probably trade them for a dirt bike or something... Wrong!

”After a few years of constant racket in the house, Rob joined his first band, Blacksmith, with some high school classmates. “We played (or attempted) everything from AC/DC to CCR, Zeppelin to The Scorpions and anything in between... Probably why Phil Rudd and John Bonham are my biggest drum influences to this day. We immediately hit the local bars, roller rinks, and all the backyard parties we could play.”

Later settling in Atlanta, GA, Rob has played with countless bands across the country. Rob spent many years touring and recording with Atlanta rockers Rockets to Ruin and recently toured with Wednesday 13's Gunfire 76. In April, 2010, Rob joined Skid Row.

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♫ Tomorrow: Paris, France - Nov 24 at Le Bataclan http://t.co/aiH2v5Dq77
Horns Up Mannheim!! http://t.co/McFxNmShjt
Horns Up Munich!! http://t.co/AHje9YbkJu
Horns Up Pratteln!! http://t.co/HnkbrXIxa8
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