Scotti Hill

As a kid with three older sisters Scotti Hill was exposed to music from a young age. Hearing the Beatles around the house was a daily routine. Always the showman, Scotti would put on shows for the family singing and dancing. At 13 he picked up the guitar for the first time. From that day forward all he wanted to do was play, learn and become a musician. 

On a gut string guitar borrowed from his sisters’ boyfriend he began his journey into music. Seeing his strong interest in music his parents bought him his first electric guitar and encouraged him to pursue what made him happy. So at 16 he left high school to pursue his higher education in the nightclubs of New York. "I would stand in front of the bands and study what the guitarist was doing then go home in the middle of the night and practice what I'd seen earlier that evening.

The following years were spent playing in local bands cutting his teeth. In 1986 he received a call from friend and former band mate Rachel Bolan about a new band he was starting with Snake. "I wanted to land the gig badly and had no intention of letting it slip away. I joined Skid Row the following week".

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