Snake Sabo

Growing up the youngest of 5 boys in a house constantly filled with music ranging from Elvis Presley to Black Sabbath, it was inevitable that this would have a profound effect on Snake Sabo’s future. “There was always music and there was always comedy. It was pretty awesome!”

He formed many cover bands in his hometown but always knew that he needed to write his own music, not play someone else’s. “ When I was 18 I had a band called ‘Steel Fortune’. We ruled! (not really). We had the distinction of opening up for Metallica’s 1st show ever with Kirk Hammett in my hometown of Sayreville, NJ. A bit of trivia for ya’.”

Meeting Rachel Bolan at a music store in 1986 proved to be missing pieces in both of their musical paths. Quickly forming a friendship and songwriting partnership Skid Row was born.

All these years later the same core principals apply to him as a guitar player as well as a songwriter; commitment at all costs. Be true to yourself and have as much fun as humanly possible.
Outside of Skid Row, Snake manages bands for McGhee Entertainment.

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