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Husum, Germany – American rockers Skid Row have got the world covered.

After recently signing a deal with Megaforce Records for North America to release their new EP United World Rebellion – Chapter One, the band has just inked a deal with UDR Music out of Germany for the rest of the world. They join metal icons Ritchie Blackmore and Motorhead.  A Skid Row, Motorhead tour perhaps? One can only hope.


United World Rebellion – Chapter One is the first out of three chapters that Skid Row will release in the next 18 months. Proving to have the most devote following, Skid fans are forming sectors all over the world in support of the band. If you follow @OfficialSkidRow on Twitter you already know. If you don’t, you should.

United World Rebellion – Chapter One is the bands first release since Revolution Per Minute in 2006.

Release dates are as follows:

4/16/13 North America

5/24/13 European Union

5/27/13 UK

5/27/13 The rest of the world

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