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Thank you Indonesia!

We would like to thank the many who have made this a tremendously successful run. 
Log Zhelebour and his staff
Heri Batara - Indonesian Tour Manager 
Andrea Asya - Assistant 
Heru Setiawan - Security 
Supri - bus driver
Noni Quntur - Hospitality 
Agnes & Oyik - Photographers 
Bernad - Lighting
Our American crew:
Tony Lentini - US Tour Mgr. / FOH Sound 
Brett Pirozzi - Guitar Tech 
Monte Shane - Drum Tech 
The production crew who set up and tore down the staging, lighting, sound equipment (6 trucks worth). 
Most of all, thank you to the thousands of rock and roll fans who prove that music is the universal language.

#UnitedWorldRebellion Indonesian Sector

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Dan DeVita/ TKO
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