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"18 and Life" Cover Song Challenge

Game on!! The official "18 and Life" cover song challenge is launched! To enter, upload a video of your "18 and Life" creative cover to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube TAGGING Skid Row with the HASTAG #18AndLife and YOU could win a Snake Sabo Kramer Signature guitar. Submission process ends March 15th. Terms & Conditions HERE

Record a video of you doing a unique cover song version of “18 and Life”. Can be a straight cover of the song or put your own creative spin on the song with unique instruments or other ad-libs. You can use any instrument of your choice including vocal covers or even a full band doing the song cover.

Upload your video with the hashtag #18AndLife and tag Skid Row on your favorite social channel.

TikTok - @skidrowofficial

Twitter - @OfficialSkidRow

YouTube - @SkidsTV

Instagram - @OfficialSkidRow

Facebook - @SkidRow


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