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Rachel Bolan Says Skid Row ‘Hit The Jackpot’ With Erik Grönwall

Serra Ozturk September 12, 2022

In a recent interview with Artists On Record Starring ADIKA Live!, Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan shared his excitement about having Erik Grönwall become a part of their band.

Like many other bands in the industry, Skid Row had its ups and downs throughout its music career with line-up changes. They split the band when Sebastian Bach parted ways with the band members. Still, after many attempts at recruiting new members and not long after firing them, they eventually ended up with a line-up and formed Skid Row again. The original members, including Sabo and Rachel Bolan, are still part of the band.

Grönwall’s career started when he won the Swedish Idol reality show. He captured the attention of metalheads with his performance of Skid Row’s ’18 and Life.’ After his tenure with H.E.A.T., he joined Skid Row as their new lead vocalist. Shortly after the announcement, they released the title track ‘The Gang’s All Here’ from their new studio album, which will come out in October 2022.

Since Erik Grönwall joined Skid Row, Rachel Bolan stated that they have done live shows together, and fans who have gotten to know him are excited to have the Skid Row they love back. Bolan added that after receiving positive comments, he is relieved that their decision worked out for the band’s future. He finally said that Grönwall is the right fit for Skid Row. He works hard and cares about the band’s future as much as they do, so Bolan feels they have hit the jackpot by making him a part of the band.

Rachel Bolan’s words about Erik Grönwall:

“I hear people say this line a lot since he joined the band, and it couldn’t make me feel any better. But people are saying, ‘Skid Row is back.’ And when I hear that, it’s comforting. It’s such a powerful statement to hear when you’re in the band because you’re, like, ‘Well, we didn’t go anywhere,’ but then you realize, ‘Okay, now we hit the jackpot.’ We got a guy that works as hard as we do, wants it as bad as we do, and takes pride in his work.”

You can watch the interview below.



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