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Today marks the launch of Skid Row Spirits, a specially crafted alcohol collection featuring 'Midnight' Vodka and '18 and Life' Single Origin Ultra Premium Rum. Our passion project has finally come to life!

Pre-order now in the UK & Europe at

Sweden - launch on Nov 29 via Systembolaget

Australia - pre-orders open in December for January delivery.

USA & Canada - Get ready for 2024!

Resonating with all Skid Row fans from past to present, Skid Row 18 and Life Single Origin Ultra Premium Rum celebrates the 35th anniversary of the iconic song in 2024 and the nostalgia evoked through its timeless themes and musical craftsmanship. The distinct product is a unique and captivating 18 year expression combining the artistry of Guyanese rum distillation with European aging methods. After being housed in American oak barrels in Guyana, the rum was finished in rare teak wood leggers in Europe. Bold and standing centre stage with 45% ABV, Skid Row 18 and Life Rum blends tradition with innovation, delivering deep tones of nougat with hints of toasted coconut and vanilla bean. The rich and complex flavour profile is complemented by elegant layers of dried fruit with a rounded velvety smooth chocolate finish, resulting in an unparalleled sipping experience for both rum connoisseurs and fans.

Skid Row Midnight Vodka is a smooth yet edgy vodka that captures the essence of the band's exhilarating live performances and uncompromising style. Crafted with the same dedication and passion that Skid Row brings to their music, Skid Row Midnight Vodka is highlighted by a product character as raw and real as the band themselves. Each sip delivers crisp and clear tones of grain and toasted bread, complete with a rounded, dry and bold finish. When the clock strikes midnight, turn to Skid Row Midnight Vodka.

As an extra gift for the launch, collectors and fans can look forward to the Skid Row Spirits Limited Edition Collection – a merch promo pack including both bottles plus exclusively designed playing cards and two guitar picks.

”The idea of having our own brand of liquor has been floating around our collective minds for quite some time. Upon meeting the fine folks at Brands for Fans we realized that the time was now. From their rich history, their association with iconic artists to their attention to detail we knew this idea would finally come to fruition. We’ve been involved with every stage of this process from beginning to end to make sure that the highest quality and character are achieved with every bottle. And we hope that you will enjoy these offerings as much as we do! As always, thank you for your support! Drink responsibly and celebrate life!!” – sNAKE

"Skid Row Spirits are not products that we just put our name on the label then slapped on a bottle, they're products we took pride in creating for our fans to like. We have worked closely with Brands For Fans to develop great tasting spirits that will be enjoyed by both the casual drinker as well as the most discerning palette." - Rachel Bolan


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